Everyone is looking for happiness, yet why do so few find it? Could it be because so many are loosing their connection with God and their fellow men? We can’t find wholeness while estranged from out creator, for the very foundation of our life is broken. It seems that, we are commanded to love the Lord with all our heart, mind,  and strength,  and our neighbor as ourselves, for a reason. If we are right with God all our other relationships seem to fall into place.

Extensive research has discovered that contrary to popular belief, it’s not money, fame or high achievement that makes people happy, but quality relationships. 

Everyone needs love! Most of our troubles spring from a lack of it. Like a thirsty man in the desert, we perish without it. Being with those we love lifts our spirits and restores vitality. It renews enthusiasm and strengthens our mind and body.It is easier to remain positive and upbeat in life, when we have someone  to  share our worries and concerns, and our  joy’s with. It makes all the difference to feel validated and appreciated, approved and understood; to be listened to. Sometimes all we need is for someone to just be there, not to solve our problems but to let us know they care. 

Relationships don’t have to be smooth as long as we know we can count on each other in tough times. It’s a great comfort having someone we can always count on. It brings a sense of security, knowing that if we fall, there’s someone there to help us back up.20151027_211225-1

Being socially connected to family and friends, not only keeps us healthier and happier, but tends to keep us more mentally and emotionally stable. Experts in the field of psychotherapy have found that most mental and emotional problems stem directly from issues with  the  relationship most important to us.

Loneliness kills! A person can be lonely in a crowd or even in a marriage, so it’s not just about being in a close relationship, but the quality of the relationship that matters. People who are more isolated from others than they’d like to be, who are starved for affection or are living in the midst of conflict, decline in health and brain function rapidly. Living in the midst of good warm relationships protects us against the stings of old age. Our bodies remain youthful and our memories stay sharper longer. Emotional pain magnifies physical pain. Most happily married couples handle pain much better  than those in bad marriages.

The good life is built with good relationships! Get out and make them. Don’t depend on others to make you happy. There’s nothing attractive about being needy for love. Instead, start reaching out with love and kindness towards those around you and begin building relationships of mutual enjoyment. Be a source of strength. Set goals and strive to improve yourself so you can better serve. When you make a difference in the lives of others you find fulfilment yourself. Lean into relationships with your family friends and community. Replace screen time with people time. Liven up those stale relationships by doing something new together. Reach out and forgive those who have offended you. Grudges take a terrible toll on those who hold them. It’s not worth it, let them go. There isn’t time in this short life for criticism,  fighting or demanding. There’s barely enough time for loving, and only an instant it seems, for that.


10 thoughts on “LIVING THE GOOD LIFE

  1. This really touched me aunt Natalie. I was telling shem the other day my goals for these next few months was to read more good books and reach out and make some friends.. reading this helped! Sure love you.

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  2. You write so beautifully. I enjoy all of your posts and am always so excited when I get to read a new one. This one meant a lot to me today. Thank you 🙂

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