My daughter, Shelly, sent me a letter with a poem she’d written for me about motherhood. I was touched and thought you might all enjoy it 😊

“Thank you mom for bringing me into this world, for your sacrifices and for your example. I hope I can be as good a mother as you have been to me and all your children! I was in bed nursing my boy and I remembered it was your birthday which got me thinking about motherhood and how thankful I am for you! So I wrote you a little poem… I hope it can express at least a small portion of my love and gratitude for you! Love you so much!  Happy birthday Mama! ❤And Happy Mother’s Day!”


My Mothers Love


The day my mom was born

Is my favorite day in history

That’s the day that I became

a possibility!


I wonder if my grandmother,

on that very day,

ever dreamed of who she’d be,

her precious little babe…


I wonder if she knew her daughter

would be strong and kind,

or how beautiful her soul,

and how brilliant her mind!


I wonder if she ever cried

as she watched her baby grow,

hoping that she’d taught her all

the things a girl should know


To make it through this big world,

even though she may feel tiny,

to have the courage to become

all a child could be…


I’ll bet you changed the world for grandma,

The world can seem so small

When a perfect little angel

becomes your very all


I know you’ve made her happy

with the woman you’ve become

I’ll bet she smiles to think of all

the good things you have done


Your character has made you shine,

a light up on a hill,

Your beauty and good nature

make you ever pleasant still


You’re so much like your mother

I hope that’s the case with me

I hope all of those good genes

Get passed down the family tree


I’m thankful for my grandma

And why? Because you see,

she gave you life and then in time,

you gave life to me!


Mom I have always loved you

And I knew that you loved me

But I never knew just how much

Until I had my own baby…


I can’t find words to say how much

My heart has grown since him

The love I feel seems so unreal

I could almost burst within


The gratitude I have for you

Has nothing to compare

When I think of all that you went through

Just to get me here


Yes, I knew I loved my mother,

But I never knew how greatly

Till I became a mother

Till I loved my little baby…




3 thoughts on “A MOTHER’S LOVE

  1. That is so nice that you have inspire such beautiful thoughts in your daughter, I hope life has given you another home to continue being a mother and wife it seems you do a really good job! Love Nancy


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