To a great extent our daily habits, whether good or bad, will determine our future.  They will either control us or we will control them. Habits are acquired or learned behaviors, the things we do automatically, without any conscious effort.

Whether our lives are going well or falling apart, we all want to do better. Stagnant water stinks and our lives do too if we’re not continually trying to improve. When we are stretching and pushing forward in our thoughts, attitudes and actions we increase in our ability to bless others.

An old Indian fable says that on the inside of each of us there is a constant battle raging between a good and a bad wolf. The one that wins is always the one that gets fed the most. If we feed the bad one it becomes stronger and it will immediately want more, but if we starve the negative spirit into submission, and nourish the good one, we will rise to a higher level and develop positive character traits that lead to peace and happiness.

Practice makes perfect, so if we want to develop good habits we must practice being self-disciplined and self-controlled. Bad habits are acquired quite easily through lack of care,  but they become hard to live with. Good habits are usually harder to develop. They result from a willingness to sacrifice and endure temporary pain for something worthwhile. It takes great determination to press past the discomfort of change. Forming a new habit is always harder at the beginning, so at first we have to be extremely disciplined, but every time we resist the temptation to return to our old ways, it gets easier. Once we’ve retrained ourselves, the new habit will come naturally, the struggle will subside, and we’ll be much more productive.

Like gravity we are each pulled to our habits. Which ones are holding you down? Examine your life and take inventory of the way you are living. Ask yourself why you do what you do. If you discover some habits that aren’t adding to your life, start replacing them with ones that will take you in the direction you want to go. Practice replacing your negative thoughts with faith filled ones, and retrain your mind to dwell on the positive. Never allow yourself to indulge in negative thinking.  It’s a choice! You decide! Take responsibility for your choices and quit making excuses. Push past the pain of change and soon you’ll be free from the bondage of your addiction. Stop procrastinating! Start working on overcoming your bad habits today by working on strengthening your good ones. Focus on a weakness only long enough to discover a solution. What you focus on always increases so keep your focus on what you want to improve on and the person you want to become.

You really can change, no matter how stuck you feel. Pray for the help you need to defeat your bad habits. Don’t settle for anything less than your best. No obstacles are insurmountable! Remember, God’s  power is far greater than any power that’s  trying to hold you back. Fight the fight with confidence and don’t let anything or anyone master you. With God’s help you can break free and be victorious.

“We can do all things through Christ which strengthens us.”