Screenshot_2015-06-21-22-41-16-1      As it began I was trying to warn people. Then I saw people running in every direction in a state of chaos and confusion. I saw what looked like a woman shot up in the air and fall back to the ground dead.

I saw a dark clothed soldier who was hitting a civilian with a short black stick that looked like a club, over and over on his shoulder, near his neck. I thought that was odd. It seemed to be shocking him. His whole body shook with each blow, until he fell dead. The hard-hearted cruelty of the soldier was horrible to watch!

Suddenly from around the corner, I saw a train coming my direction. (I wasn’t actually in the dream, but an observer from above the ground, with a view that opened out on both sides.) It was a long row of flatbed trailers, each carrying identical, dark bombing tanks or cannon looking machines. Then in an instant, everything before me, the train, the people, the ground; absolutely everything, turned blackish grey and looked burnt to a crisp, as if it would crumble to powder if touched. It was devastating to behold!

I woke from the dream with the thought “I just saw into the future”. As horrific as it seemed to me, I felt peaceful. I prayed we’d be led to where we should be through the calamities and to where we could be used to best advantage to strengthen and help others.

I wrote the dream down and put it in the back of my journal. I understood the train symbolize that this was just around the corner, but wondered if that referred to our time, or God’s. Then a few days later, I saw a post with 14 different videos clips of trains with military equipment and all were the same.  Since then, I found out that there really are such sticks or clubs that electrocute. I also didn’t know that a nuclear bomb would completely burn to crisp everything in an instant. I’d understood them only to be a mushroom cloud and radiation fall out. Many years ago I was touched with a scripture sating that in the Last Days, only those who closed their eyes to violence would be saved. I knew I wanted to be saved and ever since then I’ve tried to avoid watching violence, so such scenes were unfamiliar to me. I believe this dream to be a series of  sequential events that are right at our door and I pray we will be ready.


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