In our fast paced society, with everything competing for our attention, the proper use of time has become quite distorted. In order to make the best use of our time, it’s important to understand God’s will for us, and to invest our time in ways that honor Him. If we counsel with Him in all that we do, and follow His promptings, He will help us fulfill our purpose and accomplish the most good with our lives.

We need to protect and value our time, by living more intentionally and focusing on what matters most. Developing efficient management skills, through proper planning and scheduling, helps us integrate our different roles and activities in ways that make life flow smoothly.

Our lives are fleeting and constantly changing. There’s no promise of tomorrow and what we hold most dear can be lost in an instant. With the deterioration of family’s being so widespread, it’s important  to do the things that will preserve our family units; freely sharing our time and meeting their needs, and sacrificing our comfort and pleasure if necessary, for their well-being.

We only have a given amount of time to accomplish our missions, and we’ll have to give an account of how we use every alloted minute. We ought to consider what is of most worth, not only today, but in view of eternity. Every day of our existence should be spent improving our minds, increasing in faith, purifying our hearts, gaining strength and ability, practicing self-control in all our affairs, and  acting in ways that will win the love and confidence of all who know us. We should regularly repent, forgive, and strive to better our relationships; settling our differences and letting go of our hurts. When we overcome our hang ups and fears, and step outside of our comfort zone, we begin to experience the thrill of living a life without limits.

We live in a land of endless opportunity so it’s wise to be selective. There’s so much available, that even if we choose only the best, we’ll still never get to it all. We must learn to say “No”, even to some good things, and recognize which events and activities would be best to refrain from. Misuse of our time prevents us from spending quality time with the ones we love. It can also keep us in a state of constant chaos, where we’re always falling behind in our duties and running late. When we’re not on top of things, it’s hard  to relax and enjoy peaceful and tranquil moments.

If we live too much for the future, we lose today and time slips by in anticipation of something more. If we remain stuck in the past, we lose our joy for today. The best place to be and to focus our attention is right in front of us, here and now, in the present.

It’s critical to balance and prioritize our lives, and to consider in which direction we are headed. A good place to start is by asking questions like:  “Where, and on what, am I spending my time, and why? Am I doing it out of necessity or for lack of caring or planning? Is it wasted or productive time? Am I just serving myself, or am I making a difference for good, in the lives of those around me? If I die tomorrow, will I leave anything of worth behind, any kind words and deeds,  or sweet memories? Will any work of excellence, or a masterpiece remain, to show that I was there? How many people will miss the big and little things I do? Who will mourn my loss? When I’m laid in the grave, stiff and cold, what stories of me do I want to be told? Will my legacy of faith and integrity go on, or will it fade as the world keeps spinning ’round, not even noticing  I’m gone?

Life is so precious! If we want to be ranked with the noble and great ones, we will never be found wasting our time. We each have so much to give! We ought to do all in our power to make the world a better place, because we are in it; to leave our mark upon the earth and imprints of love on people’s hearts.



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