image   One of the most wonderful blessings in life is a happy home, where love and peace abide; a safe haven, where we feel comfortable and can be ourselves.

There’s no genuine happiness apart from the home. It takes much toil and effort for its establishment and there are no cheap substitutes. Joy comes in service, and there is no greater service than that which promotes and preserves family life.

As mothers and wives,  our first priority should be to strengthen our families and perform our duties at home; making it a place where God’s Spirit can dwell and His love be felt. On us, depends not only the success of our home, but the prosperity of our nation.

With the onslaught of negative influences in our culture, and the attacks on the traditional family unit, we must  stand up against all that threatens to weaken, or destroy our homes! The sanctity of motherhood is constantly being demeaned and  needs to be defended. Mother’s are the heart and soul of the family and are extremely vital to our society. Children need to protected from evil; be taught what is right, and raised up in purity, by a good mother.

The love of a mother is so unconditional and sacrificial, it is the purest and closest to God’s. It is to mother’s that we owe our very existence; her influence extends for generations.

It’s  in our home, where we as women, have the most influence. We need to use it wisely and magnify it, and not trade this  powerful force for fleeting pleasures or worthless endeavors. Our responsibilities are of everlasting importance. No worldly success will ever compensate for failure within our home.

There is an art to homemaking that brings great rewards and lasting satisfaction. Although it is very undermined in our modern-day, it is one of the most challenging and rewarding jobs. It takes a lot of sacrifice and selfless service to keep everything functioning well and the family’s needs met. Slacking in our duties can cause much unnecessary suffering.  We need to recognize the magnitude and importance of our calling and our vast potential in this area.

As mothers we set the atmosphere of the home. If we aren’t happy, usually no one is, so our attitudes are of utmost importance. We set the example for our children to follow. When children act out or misbehave, it usually has more to do with us, than it does them. We should speak with wisdom before our young ones and cultivate attributes that tend to elevate, refine, and purify the heart.

Our children are our most precious gifts. They need to be deeply  cherished and loved. Other than life itself,  spending time with our children is the greatest gift we can give them. They need a mother much more than any luxury. We ought to do all in our power to be at home with our children, and to teach them properly, so they won’t  be ruined for lack of training.

Nurturing is not confined to those who have children of their own. Some women are unable but  can still provide motherly influence to children not born to them and bless many lives through their love and service.

Our child-bearing and rearing years fly by all too quickly, but the lessons our children learn from us will never be forgotten. The seeds of virtue, honor, and integrity that we sow, will be felt throughout their lives and become a defense and a barrier between them and temptation. When they grow up they will remember and appreciate all we did for them, and taught them in their youth. The fondest memories in old age, will be of their childhood, around the family circle.

May god bless you mother’s, and give you the strength, courage, wisdom and  love to fulfill the measure of your creation and accomplish your great work.


5 thoughts on “KEEPERS OF THE HOME

  1. So inspirational! And what a beautiful message to all mothers. It’s so heart warming and a great reminder of the true importance of a mothers role in the lives of her children and family.

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