We are all searching for happiness. It is the object and design of our existence; what we live, hope and aim for in life. But how many of us are living in a way as to enjoy the happiness we so much desire?

True happiness comes only through righteous living. Wealth, power, talent or influence do not guarantee it, that depends entirely upon what principles  these acquisitions are obtained.

There is no real happiness except in God! When we have his spirit we are filled with love faith and gratitude, and even in the midst of our challenges we have peace.

Many people believe that keeping God’s commandments will restrict their freedom and happiness, but the opposite is actually true. It is obedience that blesses us and brings us lasting joy. When we do what the Lord requires, and we fulfill our duties, no matter what they are, we find contentment and satisfaction, regardless of our circumstances. We radiate cheer and we are hopeful of the future. Darkness and gloom are dispelled and we are set free from fear and negativity. The sun shines upon us as we go about our labors and each day is filled with beauty and delight, giving us exquisite pleasure in living. We are at peace and all is well with our soul.



  1. Ahhh…thanks for your kindness 🙂 I’m knew to blogging but I am looking forward to all that it offers. It’s amazing how easily it can connect like minded people and spread thoughts and ideas so quickly. Sending my love your way 🙂


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